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Thanks for all the support pepperist fans, be on the lookout for our new products this year, including a bottled spring water, greater to come for this year. #SoScotch #Pepperist


Hey, feel free to order seeds here or on our facebook page, new products rolling out this year to cool that hot pepper sauce we make, plus another, even hotter sauce. #StayTuned #Diesel


Blessed new year people, hoping for a better brighter, stronger year this time around. #GameON


Our first product for the new year is ready for sampling, order samples of our Deluxe Scotch Bonnet Sauce on our Facebook page #Hosanna 


Still giving thanks to Jah the site is up, still take special orders for plants needed for the fall eg: Brocolli and cauliflower. #BlessedBeJah


New product coming up people, check the shelves for products from "The Pepperist" #BlessingsFromJah


Blessings to all Jah wonderful people who visit my micro-business' site. Prices have been updated. Stock has also been updated. #JahBless


New Products are available by the help of God. Lettuce, Cauliflower, Red Pepper, Scotch Bonnet. Sweet Pepper crop is also now on sale on an introductory offer of $130 / lb. #PraisedbbeGodAlmighty



Scotch Bonnet Peppers


Check out the price for our exquisitely cared Scotch Bonnet Seedlings, already hardened off so they can be planted into the fields.


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Sample our new Scotch Bonnet Sauce 


Developed to blow the competition away with newfound flavour and heat, The Pepperist's Scotch Bonnet Sauce goes wonderfully on fish and jerked chicken. Check out our products page for more info.


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West Indian Red Peppers


The West Indian Red, the variety of pepper used mostly in agro-processing (making pepper sauces) and most commonly sold in the local market place. See our super competitive prices for them


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Thinking about greens instead?


We also cater for farmers who look outside the pepper spectrum for crops to plant. From lettuce to cauliflower we can have greens ready for you if there are none readily available.


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Dont See What you need?


If you are interested in special crops that are not listed or grown readily, like eggplants, sunflowers, raddishes, etc... Use our Facebook Page  and send your requests / inqueries we can grow them for you, or just to check our rates and if we actually grow what you our customer needs.


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California Wonder & Purple Beauty Sweet Peppers


Sweet Peppers are always in demand for export. Check out our competitive prices for sweet pepper plants at different ages/stages of their lives.


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